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Mark This Year


What were you thinking?

I get this a lot. “Chet, what were you thinking when you said …? When you committed to …? When you bought …? When you …?

I was thinking about buying an electric car and mentioned it to my dad. I thought that since he had been an electrician that he would be supportive, or at least somewhat interested, neutral at worst. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have been further from the truth. “What’s wrong with you? What are you thinking? Where are you going to recharge? How much is it going to cost? Isn’t it too new to trust? You’re not going to use my money to buy it are you?”

I’ve written on much smaller topics, smaller books of the Bible, but nothing as large or long as a gospel. But I feel compelled to do this for two simple reasons.

First, and I can’t exactly put my finger on this, but I sense that this is exactly what God wants me to do. I haven’t seen a vision, heard a voice from heaven or over the internet that said, “Go, write about Mark.” But there is a settled sense in my soul that this is where he wants me spending my time.

Second, there is a deep hole in the soul of our community and country. There is a deep divide and distrust between people. And the only one that can heal us, and our land is Jesus. But people know so little about him. Forgotten who he is. What he said. What he did. Who he claims to be.

So, I’m dedicating this book to the people that are looking for help. Looking for solutions. Looking for a helping, healing hand. And the only one with the power and ability to heal us is Jesus.

And in case you’re wondering, this is not a new idea.

These holy pages (Gospel of Mark) will summon up the living image of His (Jesus) mind. They will give you Christ Himself, talking, healing, dying, rising, the whole Christ in a word; they will give Him to you in an intimacy so close that He would be less visible to you if He stood before your eyes.
Erasmus, 1466–1536

Erasmus is way out of my league. But my goal for this humble book is the same: to give you Christ Himself.

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