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Mark 194 - Doors Open at Sunrise

While Jesus was teaching in the temple courts,

Mark 12:35

When it comes to Jesus’ meeting with people, when it comes to him teaching, when it comes to him telling people the truth of God and who he is, Jesus doesn’t do something and does something else.

· Jesus doesn’t go where he’s not allowed.

· Jesus does go where he’s allowed.

Now, that may sound like a quote from Captain Obvious, but it’s an important question that we should consider. First of all, let’s think about what Jesus didn’t do.

· Knock on a locked door.

· Knock down a wall or door.

· Knock around these restrictions on social media.

· Knock on wood for good luck.

· Knock out the person guarding the entrance.

He didn’t organize a protest. He didn’t yell and complain. He didn’t threaten civil disobedience. There was no hunger strike. He didn’t hold his breath till he got what he demanded.

No, Jesus did something much more subtle – he went where he was welcomed. And just being willing to go to the places where the doors were opened was more than enough. Here is an incomplete list of the places where Jesus could go.

· Public areas of the Temple and courts.

· Homes.

· Synagogues.

· Hillsides.

· Where people worked – dockside, on boats, tax collector’s office.

· On the road.

These meetings took place during the day and at night. Jesus was able to connect with the people he wanted to meet, talk with, and influence. And the people that really wanted to meet Jesus also had access to him.

And when he taught, it wasn’t with the idea of just giving out information. He wasn’t sending out Tweets or social media postings just to share his thoughts. Just to be “out there.” No, he was in the influencing business. His teaching was always focused to change minds. Alter how people thought and acted. His purpose was to show people where they were, how the world was broken, and that he was the only possible solution.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

He said that all other solutions were a waste of time at best. Would delay you at best, hurt you at worst. And even though he knew that there were going to be people that didn’t agree or like what he said about himself, he still did it out in public settings. He understood that there were people plotting to hurt him and his purpose, even planning to assassinate him through the Roman government.

And why did he do this? Because he was totally committed to what he knew to be right. He was willing to stand up for the truth.

Are the same way? How absolutely convinced are we? People are convinced about and are willing to stand for their spouse, their kids, and grandchildren. Some are absolutely convinced about their political position or their views of legislation.

Jesus was totally committed to and was willing to speak the truth in public. He didn’t need any backroom meetings. He was willing to speak in the light, in public. For all the world to hear and see. And why?

Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God

John 13:3

Jesus had come to the unmovable conclusion sometime in the past, and he was living under that certainty, conviction, and conclusion. He wasn’t going to be moved for anything. Not for convenience, to avoid hardship, or even to escape his betrayal and death.

There comes a time when we have to ask ourselves what we really believe. What we’re willing to stand up for. To stand against.

When do the doors to your heart open? When are you willing to stand up for what you truly believe?


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